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Our ultimate goal is to offer completely new systematic approach to training for members of LAUGARICIO COMBAT CLUB - training in a safe, fun and challenging environment. Lessons in LAUGARICIO COMBAT CLUB are lead by qualified trainers.

All modules are prepared in a way to fulfill different expectations and interests whilst all of them fit perfectly into one another into most progressive sport of today - MMA.

All lessons are managed in interesting and action form suitable for everyone, offering highly effective style of training. Trainings use variations of high and low intensity - the best way to get in shape quickly and most efficiently. Not only getting in shape, transforming your body into muscles but learning highly effective techniques - advantage that no other sport can offer, advantage you will highly appreciate in moments of self-defence situations.

Training modules:

BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Combat sport developed by the Gracie family in Brasil. Laugaricio Combat Club is part of Morcegao – Sapo Team. Cesar Morcegao Silva is elite BJJ trainer that studied at Draculino who studied at Gracies. Cesar Morcegao is a BJJ black belt. Rafael Natal Sapo - BJJ black belt and UFC fighter.

BOXING - one of basic stones of every combat. As all other disciplines is a perfect conditioning program for anyone.

- one of the most effective stand up combat sports employing clinch techniques, elbow and knee strikes as well as throws and sweeps.

MMA - combination of stand up techniques and ground techniques, getting from stand up to the ground and vice versa, how to escape from locks and get the fight back to stand up as well as many techniques not taught in the other modules.

Wrestling/Grappling - Single discipline or part of MMA preparation.

Conditional workout - increase your strenght, cardio, speed and endurance. This module is a perfect conditioning add-on to other modules.

Kids training - training module for kids and teenagers 6-12 years old. Trainings are lead in a safe and funny way to teach coordination, flexibility, strenght and respect and prepare kids for but not only for combat sports.

FIGHT TEAM LAUGARICIO COMBAT CLUB - for those interested in fighting and representing LAUGARICIO COMBAT CLUB in amateur and pro events.To get to the Fight Team you need invitation based on physical, technical and mental criteria as well as loyalty to the LAUGARICIO COMBAT CLUB.

Contact persons:

Peter Malo +421 911 243 263
Pavol Šimora +421 911 243 393



Registration and postal adress:
J.Derku 1671/1A
911 01 Trenčín

Training facility:
Store house OMAR - 2.floor
911 01 Trenčín

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